A Kennametal apresenta a geometria de fundo plano para a KenTIP FS

A Kennametal apresenta a geometria de fundo plano para a KenTIP FS天天彩票app安卓下载

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 KenTIP FS - A nova ponta de broca substituível reduz as despesas com ferramentas e elimina etapas do processo. A Kennametal aumentou a sua oferta de broca substituível para a série de brocas modulares KenTIP FS com o novo inserto FEG para aplicações de furação de fundo plano. Aplicável em aço, ferro fundido e aço inoxidável, o inserto FEG elimina as operações de fresamento de topo e conclui uma tarefa em uma única operação, economizando tempo e despesas com ferramentas.  A furação de fundo plano é um desafio. É o mesmo que furar superfícies inclinadas ou curvas, fazer furos transversais, furar placas empilhadas e fazer furos transversais, em placas empilhadas e fundidos e outras superfícies rugosas. Atualmente isso já não acontece. Aproveitando o sucesso da broca modular KenTIP FS, a…
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Walter DC160 drills – new dimensions in deep-hole drilling

Walter DC160 drills – new dimensions in deep-hole drilling天天彩票app安卓下载

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Walter is expanding its range of DC160 X‧treme Evo drills up to 30×D. With the X·treme Evo solid carbide drills from the DC160 Advance range of drills, Walter is forging a link to the "next generation of drilling". By introducing lengths of 16 to 30 × D, the tool manufacturer its expanding its range to now include deep-hole drilling. As the successor to the Alpha 4XD drills which have been established on the market for a long time now, the DC160 Advance, like its predecessor, makes deep-hole drilling possible in a single operation without pecking – and therefore boasts the advantages of XD Technology. The coating and geometry have been optimised. Just like the existing versions of the DC160 Advance, the deep-hole drills also feature the innovative new thinner web…
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Tapping chart – tap drill size chart

Tapping chart – tap drill size chart天天彩票app安卓下载

Round Cutting Tools,Threading Tools
Tapping chart in PDF format from OSG Tools corporation. You will find here handy guide to tap drill sizes. Tap drill size chart for all standard threads: M, MF, MJ, UNC, UNJC, UNF, UNJF, Pg, Tr, G, BSW, UNEF, UN, NPT, BSF, Rp, BA, Rc, EG M, EG UNC, EG UNF Also we will find there tap drill in Metric and Imperial sizes for wire insert taps and thread forming taps. Tap drill size chart for standard threads Download Tapping Chart as PDF Drill and tap chart by OSG Tools Inquiry and quick order form Still have a questions? We are here to help you! Please contact us if you need technical assistance or you want to place work order for threading tools. [contact-form-7 id="64" title="General Contacts"]
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Ceramic cutting tools

Ceramic cutting tools天天彩票app安卓下载

Milling Tools,Round Cutting Tools,Turning Tools
In general, ceramic cutting tools have found applications principally in hard turning and milling cast irons and superalloys and in finishing hardened materials. For cutting tools, two kinds of ceramic composite materials are used, which can be differentiated according to the matrix materials. There are ceramics based on aluminium oxide (Al2O3) and silicon nitride (Si3N4). The key to successful application of ceramic cutting tools is to remember that they can take far more heat than do carbides, because they soften in the range of 2200°C versus about 870°C for carbide tools. Aluminium oxide-based ceramics are divided into pure, mixed and reinforced ceramics. A range of ceramic cutting tool materials aluminium oxide (white) ceramicsmixed (black) ceramicssilicon nitride-based ceramics White Ceramics Alumina-zirconia (white ceramics) contains up to 10% ZrO2 in order to…
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7-Leaders End Mills

7-Leaders End Mills天天彩票app安卓下载

Milling Tools,Round Cutting Tools,Threading Tools,Tool Brands
7-Leaders Corp. specializes in the production and sale of round cutting tools, such as end mills, drills, reamers, etc. 7-Leaders end mills are not only one of the most famous brands in Taiwan for their durability, quality and accuracy, but also one of the leading brands in the market . Company uses Walter CNC grinding machines and Swiss manufacturing technology. Using the latest cutting concepts, company has developed a series of milling tools FX HSC (High Speed ​​Machining), HPC (High Performance Machining), HFC (High Feed Machining). Thanks to the special geometry and high resistance of the cutting edge, the 7-Leaders cutting tool is able to process materials with a hardness of up to 68 units on the Rockwell scale and work in a wide range of modes. In accordance with…
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Ceramic end mill blanks (ground ceramic rods)

Ceramic end mill blanks (ground ceramic rods)天天彩票app安卓下载

Milling Tools,News,Round Cutting Tools
We are glade to offer ceramic end mill blanks (ceramic ground rods) for end mill production. In addition to ceramic end mills produced by OSG Tools (download OSG catalogs here) as well as SsangYong (you can also get it from us) we are ready to supply ceramic end mill blanks from independent European cutting tools manufacturer. Rods material is specially designed SiAlON. The ceramic rods are cylindrical ground in h5 tolerance. Precision-ground SiAlON ceramic rods Excellent accuracy of dimension and form as well as maximum surface quality are the basis for successful production of these ceramic milling cutter blanks. Economical and high-performing A revolutionary cutting process compared to solid carbide end mills. Outstanding performance results in extreme improvements both in cutting speed and tool life. Especially on Inconel 718. Comprehensive programme…
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OSG Tools

OSG Tools天天彩票app安卓下载

Round Cutting Tools,Threading Tools,Tool Brands
Aichi, Japan-based OSG Corporation is the world’s largest manufacturer of round cutting tools. Established in 1938, OSG has a longstanding reputation as a total solution cutting tool provider throughout the manufacturing industry. OSG holds the No. 1 position in the Japanese cutting tool market as well as a top-ranking position globally, with a production, sales and technical network spanning 29 countries. Absolute Quality Control OSG maintains absolute control over every aspect of our manufacturing capabilities. OSG products are produced in-house – from the production of tool material, creation of tool geometry, to the development of our own proprietary coatings – the vital elements in the manufacturing of superior cutting tools. OSG Tools Company Profile TAPS>Search for TapsDRILLS>Search for DrillsENDMILLS>Search for EndmillsINDEXABLES>Search for IndexablesREAMERS>Search for ReamersREGRINDING>Search for RegrindingROLLING DIES>Search for Rolling DiesSPECIALS>Search for…
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Carbide Rods and Ceramic End Mill Blanks

Carbide Rods and Ceramic End Mill Blanks天天彩票app安卓下载

Round Cutting Tools,Tool Brands
Huge selection of tungsten carbide rods and blanks. We offer Gerhard Ihle rods, it is one of biggest producers of carbide rods and carbide blanks in Germany. We are proud to represent this brand in Portugal. IHLE manufacture high-quality carbide bars for manufacturing carbide milling tools, drills, special tools and wear parts. The blanks are also processed on powerful Ihle cutting-off machines, among others. They are specially tailored to meet the requirements of tool manufacturers and grinders and are highly sought-after on the market.  Gerhard Ihle Hartmetalle Werkzeuge e.K. is a specialist for semi-finished products but we don’t do things by halves. Discerning companies around the world profit from our all-encompassing expertise. As a family company with decades of experience, in-depth know-how and strong innovative strength, Gerhard IHLE offer a…
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VOLKEL Tools天天彩票app安卓下载

Round Cutting Tools,Threading Tools,Tool Brands
History of VOLKEL (VÖLKEL) Based on more than 100 years of experience in tap manufacturing and a passion for threading, VÖLKEL has established itself as one of the world's leading manufacturer of standard thread cutting tools, all available from stock. There are essentially four aspects that justify our success and whose consistent implementation make VÖLKEL one of the most successful providers of standard thread cutting solutions: specialization – quality – price – service. As a family business, we are also able to respond flexibly and quickly to future challenges. The families Völkel and Carrington are committed to the long-term and sustainable implementation and the compliance of these promises. Company Profile Tap WrenchesHand TapsShort Machine TapsCombined TapsHexTap S and DSMachine TapsMachine Taps with coloured ringFluteless (Forming) TapsMachine Nut TapsRound DiesHexagon Die NutsTap…
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