The Private Football Business Ultimate Pack

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"The Private Football Business Ultimate Pack"

The Private Football Business Ultimate Pack - your solution to achieving success in the world of football business! Whether you are a new entrepreneur looking to start your venture or a seasoned business owner seeking to expand your operations, this all-in-one resource is packed with invaluable insights and strategies to help you propel your business forward.

From creating your brand to maximising your profits, communicating with your customers to making classes easier to book, and even finding the right venue, this kit provides you with in-depth detail on everything you need to know to run a successful football business.

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What you get

"The Private Football Business Ultimate Pack"

Containing in depth detail on:

  • How to create your brand
  • How to maximise your profits
  • How to have a successful year
  • How to communicate with your customers
  • How to make classes easier to book
  • How to create the perfect Facebook™ page
  • How to find the right venue
  • Keeping parents engaged
  • Tips for exceeding customer expectations
  • 10 Ways to grow your Private Football Business
  • Fundraising basics
  • How to fundraise for your private football business
  • How to get the private football business you always wanted
  • Why you should run Holiday Camps
  • How to retain your football camp customers
  • Make your camps a success
  • Easy ways to increase your revenue
  • How to increase prices without losing customers
  • Branding - How to stand out
  • How to create the perfect Facebook™ ad
  • How to improve your Instagram™ reach
  • How to Maximise your Private Football Business' Bookings using Facebook
  • Right People Right Time
  • The Importance of a Positive Work Culture
  • 10 Ways to Elevate Football Sessions and Engage Players
  • Data points to grow your business
  • Fundraising Ideas
  • How to franchise
  • Why Partnering with Schools is Beneficial for your Private Football Business
  • How to Increase your Private Football Business Class Numbers in 6 Steps
  • How to turn trial customers into fully booked ones
  • How to successfully implement a price increase
  • Methods to Enhance Customer Retention Rate
  • The Essential Guide to Upselling Techniques
  • How to create the perfect Facebook™ ad
  • How to increase your website bookings
  • Ways to Enhance your Marketing Plan To Drive Expansion
  • What makes a great leader

(combined worth $100.00)

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"The Private Football Business Ultimate Pack" - a collection of guides and templates to help you grow your football business.

Over 50 separate guides aimed at 1-2-1, Small Group, Private Academy or Supplemental Training Business Owners.

Advice on:

-  Customer Relationship Management
-  How to Grow Business
-  How to Grow Your Numbers
-  How to Grow Revenue
-  Marketing
-  Staff Management
-  Elevating Your Football Sessions

-  Engaging Your Players

-  And much more

An easy copy and paste set of social media and email templates to cover customer communication around the following:

- Price increases
- Subscribing for a new term/block
-  Subscription Renewal Reminders
-  New Class Availability Alerts
-  Refer a Friend Loyalty Bonus
-  Camp Launches
-  Class change of venues
-  Leave a Review Request

Advice on:

-  How to create your brand
-  How to maximise your profits
-  How to have a successful year
-  How to communicate with your customers
-  How to make classes easier to book
-  How to create the perfect Facebook™ page
-  How to find the right venue

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Praise and Testimonials

We're not just playing around; we're serious about helping you up your game.

Kevin Middleton, the visionary behind 360TFT, wants to go above and beyond to help coaches and players achieve their goals. But you don't have to take our word for it. Check out some of the glowing testimonials from the talented athletes we've had the pleasure of working with in the past:

Bobby Linn Profile Picture



Kevin would invite me along to his sessions, which has inspired me to get into the coaching side of football.

Teaching the basics of football with kids of all ages, his communication skills are exemplary.  He also made the sessions enjoyable for all.

It's admirable to witness kids confidence grow as they develop their skills working with Kevin.

Kevin is very approachable and happy to share his knowledge with anyone who asks for his advice.

I trained with Kevin when I was younger and he is still the coach that has improved my footballing ability the most.

Everything that he taught me, I still try and bring to my games every week.   He is highly motivated and doesn't give up on you when you are having a bad game.  

Not only is he a great coach, he is also a really nice guy!

Adam Profile Picture


Age 14

Michael Bakare Profile Picture



I had the privilege of doing extra training session with Kevin during my time with Arbroath FC. The precision striker drills were challenging, but match realistic. This is all a player can ask for when they are looking to improve their game.

The sessions are good, very technical.  Kevin's sessions are high intensity. 

Marcel Oakley Profile Picture



Kase Profile Picture


Age 10

Kev is a brilliant coach because he does fitness with us and helps us by going for runs with us.    I've learned how to pass and tackle better.   He is fair and treats us well.

 I did some training today with Kev in a brilliant one-to-one session so if anyone's ever looking for one-to-one-session  then Kevin's your man!

Daniel Fosu Profile Picture



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