Our Story (so far!)

by Kevin Middleton (360TFT Founder) 

My coaching journey began unexpectedly when my son joined grassroots football. Asked to volunteer as a coach, I embraced the opportunity without hesitation. Despite lacking experience, I fell in love instantly, catching the "coaching bug." Sharing knowledge and building team spirit became my passion, as I discovered mutual learning between the team and me.

Once my son stopped playing, I became deeply passionate about football and coaching. I loved nurturing young players, both on and off the field, sharing my own experiences and watching them grow. Yet, the challenges of grassroots football took a toll. Limited time and scarce opportunities hindered our progress, and I yearned to find a better solution to unlock their full potential and competitiveness.

Driven by passion and bursting with ideas, I launched my private football academy to empower young players in my local area. My business expertise outside of football fuelled my confidence in this thrilling new venture. Wasting no time, I set the wheels in motion, armed with the knowledge and determination to make a real impact.

Valuable traits, like ideas and enthusiasm, aren't enough to run a successful football business.

Yet, defying odds, my academy thrived with 300+ players. The lessons learned led to a second academy's rapid expansion, starting from zero to boasting an astounding 500+ players – a dream for many football businesses.

From rags to riches, there's a reason for this story. Starting a football business without a clear plan is like a journey without a map. Success and growth require guidance to navigate obstacles. That's why I created this website, aiming to address problems in how football businesses are run and assist private owners who may lack business experience.

Coaches shouldn't pay exorbitant fees for knowledge; my website offers affordable access.

Players aren't forgotten either. Our apps gamify free play for extra practice without a coach. We even have a current professional footballer involved, allowing us to reach many players via this platform.

Stay tuned! Resources for adult players, born from my professional experience, will be released soon. 

Why am I doing this? Coaching is my true passion, and it has become a fulfilling and enjoyable part of my life.

Beyond that, I aim to nurture the future of football and society. Helping you means investing in the success of future generations. Football imparts crucial life skills to young minds, shaping a better world for them.

Kevin Middleton is a dynamic entrepreneur extraordinaire! With numerous thriving businesses in diverse industries under his command, passion and dedication know no bounds.

🌟 Coaching: With a magic touch, he coaches players at all levels, from budding beginners to seasoned pros, igniting thousands of football dreams.

⚽ Building Football Empires: Fearless and visionary, he crafted two colossal development programs and academies, welcoming over 800 players.

💼 Business Mastery: He transformed three fledgling enterprises into magnificent money-making machines, hitting the dazzling 6-figure milestone not once, not twice, but THRICE!